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The Financial Times has seen a copy of an FTX balance sheet dated to Thursday, November 10, which shows the bankrupt crypto exchange had only $900mn of assets it could easily sell, despite having $9bn of liabilities. Here’s the story:

The document, shared with prospective investors before the bankruptcy, provides a detailed picture of the financial hole in the FTX crypto empire and suggests customers of FTX international may face steep losses on cash and crypto assets they held on the exchange.

Do read the full report. And after that, have a browse of the source document. (H/T Antoine Gara et al.)


Metadata on the Excel file suggests it was created by Sam Bankman-Fried himself. It seems reasonable therefore to assume that the informal comments are his.

Also note the headline disclaimer:

Note: all of these are rough values, and could be slightly off; there is also obviously a chance of typos etc. They also change a bit over time as trades happen.

Let us know in the comments if you spot anything interesting. The “$2.2bn” of the obscure, nearly worthless Serum token is an obvious highlight, though we’d also like to know more about those illiquid investments including “TWTR” and “TRUMPLOSE”.

Anyone with information to share can use the FT’s secure contact methods.

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