Melania Trump is flogging fungible NFTs

‘Tis truly the season of giving.

Not content at repeatedly giving her husband the best face anyone ever has, former first lady Melania Trump is giving again:

That’s right. Generous billionaire’s wife Melania is giving an (unspecified) portion of the proceeds from the sale of her “new NFT endeavor” to assisting “children in the foster care community”. Who said philanthropy was dead?

The NFT, named “Melania’s Vision”, gives the buyer a string of code that supposedly represents “ownership” (this is literally all an NFT is) of “a breathtaking watercolor art” that celebrates Mrs Trump’s cobalt blue eyes. We, not owners of this receipt, have nevertheless copied and pasted the contents of this collectible below for you all (isn’t digital art great like that):

Well we’re not sure if it’s Omicron or Melania, but our breath has certainly been taken away.

But this is a non-fungible token with a twist. Because it is actually . . . non non-fungible. That’s right, until December 31 you can buy as many of these little wonders, all representing the exact same breath-taking picture, for the microscopic price of 1 Solana (a crypto token), currently worth around $170. She’s practically givin em away!

And her proud husband, never one to shy away from technological innovation, has weighed in on her latest achievement:

What a kind-hearted, ingenious, innovative pair. Leveraging the power of the US presidency to flog digital receipts.

We asked to speak to Mrs Trump for this piece, but we are still waiting to hear back. SAD!

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