Steve Wozniak On Why He’s Going All In On Bitcoin

Bitcoin does not lack an army of firm believers despite its ups and downs in the market. Co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, has said that he expects the price of Bitcoin to reach $100,000 soon.

Interest in crypto will drive Bitcoin to new highs

The veteran engineer made the statement in a recent episode of “Steve-O’s Wild Ride!” where he also talked about his various adventures with Bitcoin and crypto.

While conceding that he could not put any mathematics to his prediction, Wozniak stated that growing interest in crypto made the price achievable.

 I think Bitcoin is going to $100k… I can’t put any mathematics to it, I just really feel it from all of the interest. The interest in crypto, Wozniak explained.

He further revealed that he has resumed making some purchases of Bitcoin using a Coinbase account. Wozniak has previously stated that he had sold all of the Bitcoins he bought in the early days of the market for experimental purposes. He maintains that his current Bitcoin investments are not for outsized gains.

The former Apple executive has long been a staunch Bitcoin supporter. In another recent interview with Business Insider, he described Bitcoin as the only cryptocurrency with “pure-gold mathematics.” He noted that other cryptocurrencies do not have his trust.

Wozniak has also defended Bitcoin from critics of its high energy usage. He holds that Bitcoin only uses as much energy as it is worth, like every other human endeavor.

Bitcoin bullish remain bullish despite price slump

Wozniak’s view on where the price of Bitcoin is headed is shared by many other Bitcoin supporters. Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, has even higher expectations for Bitcoin’s price in the long term.

Saylor has often stated that Bitcoin will surpass the gold market eventually with more adoption. Recently, he reiterated that the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war will only accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin.

Wozniak is also joined by Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, who lately shared that crypto is not going anywhere, but was instead going to keep growing.

Similarly, SkyBridge Capital’s CEO Anthony Scaramucci, another crypto bull, continues to affirm that the pioneer crypto will one day be valued at $500,000 per unit.

On the day, Bitcoin is trading at around $39,100, down -0.18%. The market has traded around the price range of $44,950 to $37,300 in the last two weeks and is down around 43% from its all-time high.

While fears remain that the Bitcoin market could tank further in the short to medium term amidst various macroeconomic pressures, optimistic outlooks continue to linger for its long-term potential.

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