ChangeX bridges DeFi with banking pioneers leveraged staking

The $CHANGE token ICO launched on HydraChain on February 28 with a hard cap of $2.4M and a fixed price of $0.016

 Hybrid DeFi project is merging all necessary tools – non-custodial wallet, cross-blockchain exchange, and bank account, complete with personal IBAN and a Crypto Visa Card – into one app, allowing everyone to tap into the unlimited potential of DeFi. launched its initial coin offering (ICO) of its CHANGE token on the HydraChain on February 28th. The $CHANGE token can be bought on the website and will be available until May 31, with no pre-sale or limitations to enrollment.

The philosophy of ChangeX is to act as a bridge between the blockchains and the end-user, allowing inexperienced users to benefit from a safe, easy-to-use, and mobile-friendly experience. ChangeX aims to unite all of the cryptos in its non-custodial wallet and hybrid CeFi/DeFi exchange while introducing in-app staking, lending, and swapping across blockchains. The app will facilitate crypto purchases with fiat, and will also serve as a personal bank account, completing the circle.

By tapping into the power of flexible staking pools, ChangeX will pioneer a Leveraged Staking product with a configurable factor between 1.2x and 2x, with assets being borrowed against an open stablecoin market. With ChangeX, staking PoS assets will be possible on multiple blockchains without ever leaving the app. The more assets that are staked, the bigger the rewards, with projected APR’s reaching up to 80.5% without even resorting to Leveraged Staking. 

Assets, even staked ones, will be available to spend at all times via the ChangeX Crypto Visa Card.

The CHANGE token

CHANGE has a fixed supply and a deflationary nature that will harness the inflationary power of other PoS assets in the app, resulting in higher passive income, while empowering holders to vote on listings and their integration into the ecosystem. The project will have its token economy based on an HRC20 token (HydraChain) and will aim to bring not only powerful synergy for the HYDRA ecosystem, but also to enable an attractive product to all other PoS chains.

The token will power the one-of-a-kind Leveraged Staking product, which is designed specifically for PoS and inflationary assets in order to magnify the APR impact. The accounts used for Leveraged Staking that do the borrowing will also result in an attractive APR for the stablecoins lenders themselves.

Rewards from the flexible staking pools will also be redistributed back to holders just by holding CHANGE. Additionally, 30% of all in-app crypto-to-crypto conversion fees will power a buy and burn mechanism to reduce total supply and increase the price.

With an ICO hard cap of $2.4M and initial fixed token price of $0.016, CHANGE aims to offer an attractive public launch, especially when considering the project’s potential and the team behind it.

Why ChangeX?

With development outpacing adoption and the buyer experiencing a tough nut to crack for many, there are many who believe that crypto must change in order to survive. The gap between the mainstream user and the ever-accelerating pace of innovation widens every day and, while Bitcoin is widely known, terms like DEXs, liquidity mining, staking, and automated market makers remain largely obscure to the general public. Thus, crypto continues to be inaccessible to the non-tech-savvy person. ChangeX aims to remedy that by offering one comprehensive tool to navigate the space.

The Team founders Nick Iliev and Gary Guerassimov have a rich history in developing successful fintech solutions, among them – Bulgaria’s leading crypto exchange, LockTrip, and HydraChain. The project’s CTO Martin Kuvandzhiev is one of the core developers at Bitcoin Gold – a hard fork of the source Bitcoin code, which brought decentralization back to retail traders and made mining via common GPUs possible again. Back in 2015, he and his team won NASA’s Space Apps Challenge with a project called Valkyrie, which got them an invitation to the Kennedy Space Center. More information on the team can be found here.

The Company aims to become a one-stop-shop for trading, staking, DeFi lending and fiat-to-crypto trading, allowing inexperienced users to benefit from a safe, easy to use and mobile-friendly

experience, while storing, preserving, and growing their wealth on their mobile device. ChangeX has experience in developing working blockchain-based solutions, and the team behind is well-versed in all things crypto and fintech.





Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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