Coinbase’s Base announces mainnet plans as Aave community expresses interest

Coinbase’s layer 2 network, Base, on May 24 announced the criteria it plans to meet before proceeding with its mainnet launch.

Mainnet requirements

Base said it has already met two criteria: it has completed its first hardfork, Regolith, in testnet and has completed an infrastructure review with the OP Labs team.

The project is now waiting for Optimism to successfully complete its June upgrade, called Bedrock. Base also intends to complete internal and external audits and demonstrate testnet stability before it enters its mainnet stage.

Base has been in its testnet phase since February. Though it has not announced a definite mainnet launch date, other reports suggest the mainnet will go live before the end of 2023.

Base emphasized that it has “no plans to issue a network token,” leading many community members to complain about a lack of airdrop or opportunity to invest. Base did, however, announce a commemorative NFT for community members to mint.

Interest in Base

Base said that, immediately following Mainnet Genesis, the project will enter a Genesis Window in which it will focus on helping developers deploy apps.

The project named several projects of interest that are building on the platform, including the community currency OAK, the NFT card game Parallel, the development toolkit Thirdweb, and the restaurant loyalty program Blackbird.

However, the projects named by Coinbase are not necessarily the most notable, and some major DeFi projects have expressed early interest in the platform.

Aave governance leaders began to measure interest in deploying Aave to Base on May 22, and the suggestion has attracted early interest from community members. Uniswap governance members also proposed a Uniswap deployment on May 17.

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