DeFi vault aggregator Revault partners up with Quantum Economics

DeFi startup Revault and Quantum Economics, a FinTech research, advisory, and money management firm led by Mati Greenspan, revealed they will be partnering up in a joint announcement.

Revault Network stepped into the vault scene with a twist–as an aggregator of vault strategies. While indexing vaults in the market, Revault enables users to easily deposit funds in the best vaults at any given time.

Google search of DeFi

“There’s no doubt that DeFi lies at the heart of the crypto revolution. It is also a core component of our strategy and focus at Quantum Economics. By aligning with revolutionary products like Revault, we are not only benefiting ourselves, but the entire crypto ecosystem,” commented Quantum Economics founder and CEO, Mati Greenspan.

The ambitious Israel-based crypto startup co-founded by Uriel Peled, Ohad Galor Kimchi and David Benchimol is aiming to become the “Google search of DeFi.”

They categorize DeFi into three existing layers, with lending and swap protocols making up the first, yield farming the second, and finally, vaults the third layer.

Revault markets itself as the fourth layer, being an aggregator of vault strategies that also serves as a relay protocol designed to deliver the top performing vaults for “any asset at any given time.”

This means that Revault rebalances that position whenever a new vault takes the lead, or an active vault gets compromised––continuously screening the market for vaults with higher APY and robust security levels. 

Maximizing vaults for maximizing APY 

Built to maintain and optimize any asset’s position 24/7, Revault doesn’t compete with other vault projects on strategies or APY–it simply relays funds.

Upon discovering a better vault option, Revault alerts users and enables them to easily move their funds from an old vault to a more optimal one.

“Quantum Economics is a team of global market experts and DeFi veterans that connect to our vision at Revault. This gives us a lot of confidence in what we are doing. We both see Revault as a great tool for onboarding the masses to DeFi and helping to facilitate the change in the economical hierarchical order,” Revoult co-founder Uriel Peled said.

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