HamsterSwap: A DeFi platform announces presale of its native token $CHEESE

HamsterSwap, a DEX built on the BSC platform, is currently in the middle of its presale and has released a guide to help the public participate in the presale.

With its unique offerings, HamsterSwap, a DEX on Binance Smart Chain, one of the world’s leading blockchains known for its speed, low transaction costs, and high processing time, is set to revolutionize the DeFi sector. The $CHEESE token, HamsterSwap’s native token, is a decentralized meme token built on the blockchain that distinguishes itself from other meme tokens by being more powerful, secure, and providing real utility. 

$CHEESE was created to become a leading cryptocurrency on multiple exchange platforms, complete with incredible incentives to reward long-term hodlers. 

Furthermore, the Hamster token would play an essential role in the HamsterSwap platform’s governance. All decisions regarding the future operations of HamsterSwap would be made in the best interests of the community. 

To participate in the Hamster token pre-sale, several steps are taken to ensure a smooth process. Before the presale begins, it is critical to have BNB in a decentralized wallet linked to the Bsc network, such as Trust wallet, to purchase Hamster tokens once the presale begins. The minimum amount required during the pre-sale is 0.1 BNB, and the maximum account is around 10 BNB. The pre-sale starts on February 16, 2022, and ends on February 19, 2022, with a three-day vesting period. 

According to official reports, once the soft cap is reached, 4 billion $CHEESE will be distributed to wallets that participated in the Hamster pre-sale, and 20 billion $CHEESE will be distributed once the hard cap is reached. 

To add a unique twist, tokens unlocked within specific periods will be burned for Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, to reduce selling pressure. At the same time, the remaining 50% supply is fully decentralized and available on Pancakeswap.

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