This Ethereum project is bringing ‘virtual lifestyles’ to NFT metaverse Decentraland

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Connecting the metaverse with the Universe Boson Protocol has a mammoth task ahead, but bringing the fashion creations of some of the best virtual designers offline seems inevitable as the followers grow for labels like DRESSX, MetaFactory, and others.

Boson Protocol already uses smart contracts to power commerce. With their new portal, users can buy or earn products both in the metaverse as well as physically. Items tokenized as Boson commitment NFTs and allow these NFTs to be redeemed for physical goods or services. 

Selling physical goods as NFTs seems like a likely progression in the world of NFTs. With wearables now cemented as the new toys for collectors and avatars wishing to show off their virtual personality, why not bring these items offline, allowing users to buy the physical products seamlessly in the metaverse.

Inside the NFTverse on Decentraland

Which industry will be the first to flourish in this newly bridged world? Only time will tell but it seems like fashion will play a massive role. Earlier this year Boson Protocol acquired The Glass Suit, a range of digital and physical experiences by renowned fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana.

This was a clear signal of where Boson was leaning towards in the area of commerce within the metaverse. By investing in this collection the conversation around consumerism within the metaverse opened and since then there has been an influx in wearable brands and technologies diving into the arena of digital fashion. 

For brands, the opportunity to tap into a new market and add extra value to current creations is too enticing to ignore.

For the metaverse and the crypto communities that are in many ways the first adopters of commerce in the new decentralized world, the access to new exclusive drops and brands that can be bought virtually and worn physically blurs the lines between the metaverse and universe even further.

Allowing brands to build a home for themselves within the metaverse will add to the entire ecosystem. As the version of ourselves that we create is only limited by our imaginations it will be interesting to see those visual representations play out in the physical world also. Watching the established brands navigate these unchartered waters in the metaverse is refreshing and fascinating.  

Boson Protocol has plans to launch in a range of metaverses, the first location will be Decentraland, a decentralized 3D virtual reality platform. The company has raised $10 million in private investment, as well as recently completed a $25.8 million crowdfunding campaign. 

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