This new launchpad will bring verified projects on Kadena


On a mission to help resolve some of the major challenges involved with building on Kadena, Hypercent will help new projects to develop and launch on the blockchain that recently gained traction, while allowing exclusive access to those wanting to invest in, and become part of the emerging ecosystem.

Featuring a new smart contract language, dubbed ‘Pact,’ Kadena is a Layer 1 (Proof of Work) PoW blockchain optimized for scalability.

Kadena’s PoW model dubbed ‘Chainweb’ comprises multiple individually mined chains working in parallel to execute network transactions–leveraging a high-transaction throughput at the base-layer.

Supporting Kadena ecosystem pioneers

 HYPE tokenomics (Hypercent)
HYPE tokenomics (Hypercent)

Combining speed and scalability with PoW security, Kadena is boasted as a new breed of competitor to all (Proof of Stake) PoS chains. However, the number of Pact developers out there is still scarce, as is the amount of open-source code available to piggyback from. 

This is where Kadena launchpad Hypercent steps into the picture–leveraging support for developers who learn Pact to become pioneers in almost anything they bring into the ecosystem.

While all swaps are going to be done using Kadena’s native token (KDA), staking HYPE will unlock extra advantages, including increased chances to receive allocation in IDO’s, IDO Vault access, as well as voting rights on which projects get to launch.

The HYPE token (Hypercent)
The HYPE token (Hypercent)

However, to allow a fair way to get allocation, where everything is controlled by supply and demand through DeFi protocols, Hypercent is introducing a multi-token economic model.

 The STRDST token (Hypercent)
The STRDST token (Hypercent)

STRDST is a non-tradable asset that can be earned through staking HYPE on Hypercent, and will allow access to platform rewards.

Participants will be able to burn Stardust to receive allocation tickets for IDOs launching on Hypercent or mine the launchpad’s IDO Vault to receive tokens from all projects launching on the platform. 

All projects launching on the platform will submit a portion of their token supply to Hypercent’s IDO Vault, and a big percentage of these will be shared with the users who use Stardust to mine the vault.

Finally, Hypercent’s third token, dubbed ‘Cosmic Time’ (TIME) will be generated every time participants use Stardust–whether for tickets or in the IDO vault.

The TIME token (Hypercent)
The TIME token (Hypercent)

The TIME token is designed to reflect user involvement in the platform and enable Hypercent to put the decision in the right hands when the governance is implemented.

To offer a seamless IDO experience, the launchpad rolled out its Hypercent Wallet. 

Streamlining the process, Hypercent Wallet allows participants to call the IDO contract with a simple click and instantly receive tokens without paying any gas.

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