Dogecoin Creator Pokes Fun at “Web3” Again

Like Markus, Like Dorsey

Another prominent figure who has been a vocal critic of Web3 is Jack Dorsey. The co-founder of Twitter and CEO of Blocks has been against the heavy involvement of venture capitalists in the Web3 space.

In response to Musk’s post about the whereabouts of Web3, Dorsey responded that “It’s somewhere between a and z.” This is believed to be about the venture capitalist Andreessen Horowitz.

The VC firm, also known as a16z, has been a prominent investor in the Web3 and DeFi space. While some developers welcome the influx of cash, many like Dorsey consider it to affect the core reason behind crypto, decentralization.

However, while Dorsey’s beef against Web3 is the control by VCs and not decentralized, Markus appears to have a different reason. 

Judging by his tweets, Markus’ major reason for not fancying Web3 is that it doesn’t offer any value and is simply about the money. 

The Dogecoin developer once described the crypto space as “95% as hype, speculation, and scams,” with only 5% being the cool and fun part. With his statements, it’s clear that he considers Web3 to be part of the 95%.

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