Justin Sun gets salty over Ukraine’s airdrop ignoring TRON community


The government of Ukraine, which according to various estimates has already received about $33 million worth of crypto donations, has recently announced an airdrop aimed at its benefactors.

However, some expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that certain donors apparently won’t be rewarded for their humanitarian aid.

Namely, Justin Sun, who was the head of the Tron Foundation before joining the government of Grenada as its ambassador to the World Trade Organization last December. Today, he pointed out that while members of the TRON community have ostensibly donated more than $1.2 million worth of TRC20-based USDT stablecoins to Ukraine, they will be left out of the airdrop rewards.

“Answering to the humanitarian appeal from [Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine] Mykhailo Fedorov, TRON community has donated over $1.2M in USDT (TRC20), but now the airdrop just ignores them completely,” Sun lamented. “It is just UNFAIR. We need to fix it!”

Drop tokens, not bombs

Airdrops are community rewards programs that are highly popular and widespread in the cryptosphere. Essentially, they allow projects to unilaterally send some extra tokens to their communities.

In most cases, the eligibility requirement is for users to be holding certain digital assets in their wallets at the time of a snapchat (basically a “savepoint” that records a blockchain’s state at a certain point in time). In Ukraine’s case, it is not entirely clear yet what assets the account’s holders are planning to airdrop on people who donated crypto to them.

Unsurprisingly, Sun’s Twitter post was met with a grain of salt by the crypto community. As some users have opined, “this is bigger than airdrops” and “not a marketing campaign.”

Earlier, Sun has also been facing criticism for allegedly trying to “shill” TRON by inserting himself into Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis and donation campaigns.

Meanwhile, the snapshot for Ukraine’s airdrop will be taken on March 3, at 4 p.m. GMT.

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